Guest Star: Beth Brier

My homie Beth and I are chillin at her crib.
A brief history of our friendship:


1982: Beth and I meet in kindergarten Sunday school at Temple Beth-El

We establish a friendship.
1987: The last time either of us can remember playing at one another’s houses
ca 1993: My dad purchased a pink Huffy 10-speed for me at a yard sale. I thought this was
pretty cool. The bike had been Beth’s
2006: Beth and I run into each other at the Lippitt Park Jewish festival
and exchange numbers. We re-establish friendship. The bike is still in my parents’ garage.

Here is a picture of me and Beth.

We have discussed at length the pros and cons of whether she should call her latest love interest verus wait for him to call/text/email/send mental telepathy message first. Its hard for me to give advice with great confidence considering I am still single. I do the best I can though. Here is a picture of us and Beth’s Blackberry, a device of pleasure and pain.

Here is a haiku inspired by said dilemma

Will he ever call?
Did his phone totally break?
I am freaking out.

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