Old people say the darndest things!

Today I had this conversation with one of my patients, a stoic man in his early 80’s.

Me: So, have you been retired for a long time now?

Patient: Oh 23 years now.

Me: What have you been doing for fun all that time?

Patient: Not too much

Me: Do you have any hobbies or anything?

Patient: No. I have no hobbies. I am a real bore.

Me: Do you watch a lot of tv, then?

Patient: Oh yeah. Me and my wife watch a lot of tv. We like different programs though. I watch my tv and she watches hers.

Me: Are you big sports fan?

Patient: No. I hate them.

Me: Oh, me too! If I ever do go to a game, I love the hot dogs, the nachos, the beer, the soft serve… the game itself, I can take it or leave it.

Patient: If someone came up to me and offered to take me to a game in a limousine, gave me box seats, served me filet mignon, and Raquel Welch was there dancing for me… I would say “NO.”

Me: Oh yeah? Even if Raquel Welch was there?

Patient: Oh she’s a real tomato but I still wouldn’t go.

2 thoughts on “Old people say the darndest things!

  1. Pam Sinel says:

    That is old people slang for a slammin body. My dad was actually talking about someone recently and said “she’s not much to look at now but when she was younger, she was a real hot tomato!” Actually Beth, you know this person…

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