Like, what is up with The Hills, Season 3?

Ok so like who has been watching The Hills? Its ok you can admit it…. Anyway if you are not caught up on your episodes don’t worry I am not going to give anything away. I will just say this; On the surface this show looks like a bunch of rich kids being idiots… But actually I think they are doing the same thing a lot of people are doing (albeit while driving more expensive cars and wearing more expensive clothes) and that is : They are feeling lonely, miserable, and unfulfilled and think that being in a relationship will cure them of this lonely miserable feeling. But instead they feel sad and alone anyway. One of my coworkers a few years ago said to me “I never felt more lonely then I did during my marriage to my ex-husband.”
And on a totally different but still related topic, I really liked Heidi’s old nose better. And you know how when, for instance, Lo comes on, there is that caption that says “Lo, Heidi’s friend.” How come now when Heidi comes on, there isn’t a caption like “Heidi’s breasts, implants.”

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