…and all that other sh*t

I have been busy getting ready for my trip to Arizona. I leave tomorrow and get back next Sunday. The Greater Arizona Bicycle Association is holding a cross- state tour, which will cover 505 miles and 31,000′ of climbing (I am not good with numbers but something tells me that’s gonna be HARD!) over the course of a week, with one day off in the middle to hang out at the Grand Canyon…. Here is the link to the event’s website:
I signed up for this while I was in the middle of ironman training… at this time my focus was singular… or maybe triangular would be more accurate. My whole life revolved around swimming, biking, and running so a bike vacation seemed like the natural thing to do, considering its affordable and my job easily gave me the time off. But now that I am more or less in recovery mode, I am like hmm is this the best idea? Am I even in shape for this? We’ll find out! In any event its going be gorgeous and I will definitely meet new people and see new stuff. And I won’t have to work. Not too shabs. Side note: all the other triathlete’s blogs I read are chock-full of details on their workouts. You will not find that here. At least not now, considering I really have not been training. I’ve gotten into long walks and lifting weights. [Side note, I used to think long walks were for weenies and grandmas (sorry I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I was a closed-minded nay-sayer, what can I say) but actually long walks RULE. And they ARE exercise. I never thought I would change my stance on this. Never say never, right?] Before I know it I will have to really train for Ironman Wisconsin, so for now I am trying to enjoy the freedom of not being on a schedule. So this brings me back to the inspiration for this post, today I was like “Mom I don’t know about this trip, I have barely been riding my bike, I am pretty out of shape.” She asked me how many miles a day we would be covering. I told her 50 the first day and otherwise 80-100 all the other days. She goes “Well, it should be no problem, the ironman, what was that, a hundred and twelve? Plus all that….other sh*t.” The woman has a way with words 🙂

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  1. rob says:

    P, that sounds like an epic trip coming up. I’m jealous, I used to live in AZ for 10 years and there’s some good cycling there. 31K’ of climbing, whew! You’ll like the Mogollon Rim area, very scenic.I loved your mom’s quote. That was classic.

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