what a morning

I love mornings.

Not at 5:20am when my alarm is going off… No, at that point I hate mornings. I hate my alarm (I love snooze), I hate life, I hate whoever I made plans to meet in the morning, and I hate myself for agreeing to meet anyone at such a stupid hour. Yep, at 5:20am I’m a hater. But on a day like today, after a brisk 4 mile run around the East Side, a chance to watch the sky change from black to navy blue to light blue with some pink streaks, good conversation, a few laughs and a hot cup of coffee… From 5:20 to 7:20 I have basically morphed into a very happy person. So whoever asks why in the world would you get up before its even light to run!? Well here’s one good reason- I can’t think of any other way to feel light and happy, drug-free, knowing I have a day of work ahead of me.

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