How to Move

1. Make decision to move.

2. Fantasize about said move.

3. Get scared, decide to stay put not because you are lazy but because it really is very good here.

4. Realize you were just being a scaredy-cat and decide you need to go ahead with it.

5. Freak out.

6. Realize you are not the first person to relocate and tell yourself to get a grip.

7. Make a plan.

8. Be afraid the plan is not going to work.

9. Poll trusted friends/family/anyone willing to listen on whether your plan is feasible.

10. Go ahead with plan knowing you were going to do it anyway but still feeling relieved that

everyone agreed with it.

11. Be afraid you might jinx plan by even mentioning word “plan” on your blog

12. Post entry anyway but sleep with one eye open just in case you have done something to lose
favor with the blog-gods thereby actually jinxing plan, as feared.

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