Quiz: How Zen are You?

I’ve been reading a wonderful book by Thich Naht Hanh, called “Peace in Every Step.” Since I started it, I’ve been making a conscious effort to be a more understanding of other people, and to live in the moment. Take this quiz to find out how Zen you are

1.You car breaks down. You:

a) Realize you are not meant to be on time to your appointment and take a moment to relax.

b) Call AAA and then call work and tell them you will be late.

c) Start cursing and beating the steering wheel. Call the dealership who serviced the car and threaten to sue the asshole who ruined your transmission. Get on your Blackberry to try and reschedule your next meeting.

2.Your significant other breaks up with you. You:

a) Figure it wasn’t meant to be. Go home and wash the dishes mindfully

b) Cry for 20 minutes, call your best friend, and decide he was too neurotic anyway.

c) Make a voo-doo doll of him. You stick needles in the doll’s every orifice when not busy driving by his house and working on your new website, http://www.ex’snameheresucks.com

3.You went to a potluck and ate too much. You:

a) Don’t get it. How can eating 7 grains of brown rice and an orange be too much??

b) Complain about how bloated you feel and say no to dessert the next day.

c) Decide to eat only grapefruit for a week, then spend 2.5 hours at the gym. Eat everything you see after eating grapefruit for half a day then have a meltdown because you are sure your skinny jeans will never fit again.

4.Your mom is coming to visit for a long weekend. You

a) Are looking forward to reconnecting with your mother.

b) Clean the house, buy the snacks she likes, and pick up a bottle of wine or two.

c)Make sure its ok with your doctor that you double your Valium dosage for the weekend.

5.Your supervisor tells you she’d appreciate it if you would work instead of looking at blogs and E-Bay all day. You:

a) Suggest she open her heart to all the funny stuff that’s out there on the internet.

b) Are embarrassed. You thought no one could see what you were doing in your cubicle. Mumble an apology and promise to have the report she asked for in by noon.

c) Throw your laptop at her head and say “See how much work I get done now!!”

6. You are stuck in traffic. You

a) Huh? You can’t get stuck in traffic as a pedestrian.

b) Call your friends to let them know you will be late, then turn up the music and rock out.

c) Get pissed. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO YOU!?! Weave through traffic and tailgate the idiots in front of you who aren’t driving fast enough while you get on your cel phone to tell your friends to wait for you since you might be late.

7. Your voice-activated GPS doesn’t understand the address you are trying to input. You

a) Are walking, remember?
b) Repeat the address, slowly, pronouncing your R’s this time.

c) Repeat the address, louder with each repetition. When it still doesn’t repeat the correct address you punch the dashboard, shouting,”WHY CAN’T YOU HEAR ME YOU STUPID PIECE OF SH*T!?!”

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