I have an obsession. No matter what I do my thoughts seem to come back to it. I can’t leave it alone. I love to hate it. I just can’t let it go. It’s the zit on my forehead. It kind of hurts. It’s more or less an undergrounder. But depending on how much time I spend alone today, that might change. I can’t keep my hands off the little sucker. Red lights are my playground, for in the relative privacy of my own car, with nothing to do, no driving to distract me and GREAT light (that’s why cars have so many windows, right?) I can pick at it to my heart’s content. If I don’t touch it, I forget its there. But so far I haven’t been able to leave it alone it for more than, say a minute and a half.

Earlier today, I drug myself out of the cozy confines of my car to get gas, when I realized that my credit card was missing. I classified this as a minor emergency. On the way home I retraced my steps and realized the card must be at the restaurant where I ate earlier this week, so #1 on my agenda was to call and inquire about the mastercard. Well, it was #1, until I entered my apartment and found the morning light in my kitchen is just perfect for inspecting my face in the pineapple mirror on the east-facing wall. So I set to work for a minute, knowing I was only making a bad situation worse but unable to put the brakes on. Until I remembered the advice of a friend, put some rubbing alcohol on it to dry it out. I went to the bathroom to complete this mission. Rifling through my cabinet to locate a cotton ball, I had a moment of clarityYou still need to call Temple about the credit card, idiot!!!!

This zit is threatening not only my face but also my financial security.

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