Race Report:10K for for Women’s and Infants in Women’s Oncology

Who: Me (Whose blog did you think this was?)
What: An off-season 10k in Newport, RI. This was my first open 10K since October 2006. Therefore I tried not to have any expectations about my fitness. At the time of my last 10k, which as a major pr, I was just about ready for the Cape Cod Marathon and in great running shape (for me). Now on the other hand, I was just coming back from a major break from training. Back on the wagon for a little over a month now, I pretended I wasn’t hoping for a pr. But lets face it, whether its reasonable or not, I hope for a pr every time I race. As usual though I told myself I would be happy with any result provided I tried my hardest.
Where: Rogers High School, Newport, RI. Course was gently rolling and not windy.
When: Yesterday
Why: Test my fitness, plus add in a warm-up and a cool-down, making a 10k a long run made interesting + quality time with a good friend and fast training buddy, Nancy.
How: Nancy and I did an easy 20ish minute warm-up, went up to the start line, wished each other luck, and the gun went off. Off! I hoped I wouldn’t go out too fast, as I am wont to do. The problem is, you never know you were off too fast till its too late. A LOT of people passed me, but I let them without getting upset about it. It was way too early to worry about what everyone else was doing. I tried to stay in the “comfortably hard” range. I got to the first mile in 7:41. That felt ok. I considered picking up the pace, but remembered mile 5 would feel a lot harder than mile 1 at any given pace, so I controlled myself and ran steady, still trying to stay in the comfortably hard zone. I hit the 2nd mile mark with a 7:34 mile. I was decidedly pleased and thought “Wow if I can maintain this pace, that would ROCK!” Miles 2-3 were a lot like 1-2 except a little harder. I got to the 3rd mile mark at 7:29. I was busy picking people off on the hills when I heard someone breathing hard, right in my ear. His footsteps were stomping down, one, two, one two in rhythm with mine but I could tell his breathing was heavier and he was hurting more than I was. At least I imagined he was. For mile 3-4 I focused on not letting him catch me. He was my mortal enemy. Never mind that I had not seen his face. Actually I had no proof he was a he. But every time I pulled away from him on a hill I gloated in my superiority. Ha! Just try to stay with me. You can’t do it. It must suck to let a girl get a away. Every time I heard him close in I would get a little boost of energy and surge ahead, widening the gap between me and my nemesis. At mile 4 my watch read 7:37. I was doing ok but it was getting harder to breathe. I tried to focus on anything but myself… the yellow lines on the road, the bobbing ponytail on the lady in front of me, the next tree, the need to keep my enemy at bay. I passed the 5 mile point with a 7:27 pace. The legs were ok but my lungs were begging for mercy. My pace slowed and my opponent overtook me. He passed me and took my energy with him. A pick-pocket, he was! He distracted me with his heavy breathing and plodding stride and grabbed a big handful of my oomph when I wasn’t looking. Doubt crept in as his body grew smaller on the horizon… Who cares. It’s just a race. You can back off the pace. Air is good. Air is necessary. This is just a stupid 10k you’re not in shape for anyway. But you’re an ironman. But this is HARD. But you did an ironman. But this is a different kind of hard. Who cares you’re almost done. The finish is too far away. Are you a quitter? Keep going. I might vomit. Keep going. You’ve never thrown up before. Ok once. Keep going. Don’t vomit. Don’t vomit. Don’t vomit. I approached the 6 mile point at 7:55. Yikes! The last .2 was up a hill but I knew it would be, since we had driven in that way. Nancy enthusiastically cheered as I approached the finish chute. I couldn’t breathe, I was a little dizzy and couldn’t quite see but I had the wherewithall to check my watch as I finally stopped. (Priorities!) 47:30. Yeah!!! Just 10 seconds shy of my best 10k. Yahoo!!!! I am really excited about this season.

2 thoughts on “Race Report:10K for for Women’s and Infants in Women’s Oncology

  1. rob says:

    P, its funny like that for me too, when I feel somebody behind me on a race, it morphs into some epic battle to finish first. Good race especially in the off-season.

  2. Pam says:

    Rob, thanks!! Yeah I know… like most people in a race, I will smile at them, encourage them, feel like “cool, we are in this together” but god help you if you are the person right next to me!!!

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