Over the Edge?

My sister and I had this ridiculous conversation this morning.

Having just finished adding cream and sugar to my nice hot mug of coffee, my phone chimed “Latin Loops”, alterting me to my sister’s call. (She is a VIP therefore I set her up to have a unique ring tone. Almost everyone else gets Verizon’s “ring tone 2”) I hate when my cel rings in public but I failed to shut the ringer off and I didn’t expect anyone to call before 9am. I forgot, last night she told me she would call in the morning, so I told her she could call me after 8 or so since I would be meeting my friend Dan to run at 7 at Starbucks.

Me: [quietly] Hi.

Liz: Hi. Are you awake?

Me: Yes.

Liz: Where are you?

Liz: The edge of the [Starbucks] parking lot?

Me: No The Edge, the coffee shop in Wayland Square.

Liz: Where’s that?

We establish that does not know where The Edge is, she needs to use my car, she can get a ride to the car, and I can get a ride home. I try to give her directions to The Edge.

Me: It’s across from Dorothy Williams

Liz: I don’t know what that is.

Me: Ok, you know Starbucks? Leave the parking lot, go right out of it, then take a right, and its on your left.

Liz: Ok…

Me: No wait, leave Starbucks and take a left, then go right..

Liz: Are you sure?

Me: Never mind. Ok, you know Strands? If you’re facing Strands… no if you’re leaving Strands, go right, then right at the corner and The Edge is across the street.

Liz: So your car is in The Edge’s parking lot?

Me: No, The Edge doesn’t have park- OH. Never mind. You have a spare key to my car.

Liz: Duh.

Me: It’s in the Starbucks parking lot. Just go there.

Liz: Ok. Love you.

Me: Ok love you. Bye.

Liz: Bye.

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