Happy Unbirthday to Me!

Ok, so today was totally not my birthday. This is just a picture taken of me on my actual birthday, and I decided to post it just because today felt a little like my birthday. I worked at my per diem job half a day. That’s right, half a day. As in, from 8 to noon. That alone is pretty birthday-esque. Actually I take the whole day off on my birthday if it falls on a weekday. But still, its pretty nice to leave everyone else to their lunches and the whole rest of the day as you don your coat and waltz down the hall thinking, “suckas!!!” I got to eat lunch at home. Rather, my parent’s house. I relinquished my apartment almost a month ago, concurrent with the end of my contract at my old job, knowing I was getting ready to make a transition of some kind. Homeless, jobless, living with my parents, maybe this doesn’t sound like such a remarkable unbirthday after all. Bear with me. After packing up my car for my big adventure (leaving friends and family to move 2,000 miles away to a place where you know almost no one sounds so much better when you call it an adventure!), my mom let me borrow her brand-new cherry red Prius (what a sweet car!!!) and I went to Coiffurium to see Erin for what might be the very last time:( She washed, cut, and blew out my hair. I LOVE it when she washes my hair and I rarely take the time to blow dry it straight (the above pic is an exception. As I said, it was taken on my birthday, which is obviously a special occasion). Then I took myself and and my perfect, shiny, straight, glamorous hair across the street to CitiNails for a manicure and a pedicure. As the young woman pumiced my feet and rubbed the sweetest smelling lotion into my calves, I made a mental note: I would not have extra money for these occassional treats if I ever go back to school. I am a little sad I just had dinner at home and watched Jeopardy! with my dad. Alas I will swim in the morning and ruin my hair before anyone beside me gets to appreciate it. I suppose its just as well. If you pampered yourself every day, your unbirthday wouldn’t feel as special.

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