Travel Diary

road trip photoSunday
6am: Alarm goes off. Do not press snooze for once and think “OhMyGodTodayIsTheDay.” Get up and get ready to go.
7:20: Feel evidence is mounting in favor of existence of god/higher power, considering everything fit in the car and rearview mirror is functional.
7:25 Shed a few tears in front hall while bidding mom and dad farewell.
9:00 Get out of car to pee at a McDonalds right off 95 in CT.
9:03 Congratulate self on making such a quick stop but suspect have stepped in dog poo.
9:05 Realize is definitely poo.
9:06 Pull over in breakdown lane to extricate poo from Dansko.
9:15 Back on road.
9:16 Thank god/higher power there is indeed a travel sized Purell in car.
11:00 Somewhere in New Jersey, stop the waterworks once and for all.
5:15 Arrive Pittsburgh. Go out to dinner with Liz at Point Brugge. Each order a Pomtini at the bar. Get carded. Feel flattered. Think this is very adult. A kind gentleman at the bar pays for drinks without even trying to talk to either of us. Decide billboard advertising “Pittsburgh; Big City Fun, Small-Town Feel” must be true.

7:15 Drive to Indianapolis
1:30 Arrive way ahead of schedule. Consult GPS re: local YMCA. Go there and swim 3,000 yards. Feel like luckiest girl in world to finally not be in car and be swimming in pool that doesn’t feel like warm bath. Use hot tub. Evidence for existence of god/higher power continues to accumulate.
3:30 Arrive at Natalie and Steve’s house. Greet and walk Darcy.
6:00 Natalie comes home. Go to grocery store, go for walk, cook dinner and bake brownies.
9:00 Bug Natalie re: must eat brownies asap.
9:15 Eat brownies
10:00 Giggle and joke with Steve while Natalie works on laptop. Intermittetly feel bad for her and make fun of her for having to work.
10:30 Steve says he heard ratio of men to women in Boulder is 10:1. Think if this is true then certainly will stop being agnostic and become believer for sure.

7:30 Wake up, pack, eat breakfast, get ready to go.
8:30 Realize car keys are on kitchen table but are locked out.
8:31 Wake Natalie up to get in and retrieve said keys.
8:32 Get on road.
11:30 Stop at Subway for turkey on wheat.
3:30 Stop at McDonalds for coffee which is surprisingly decent.
4:30 Arrive Kansas City, MO.
8:00 Feel disheartened that local sports bar and grille is considered “good,” as per concierge’s recommendation. Menu is a little sickening but will have to do.
8:30 Settle for Bass and a mushroom swiss burger medium rare.
8:45 Big guy sits down at bar. He offers conversation and amusement but alas no free libations.

3 thoughts on “Travel Diary

  1. BethB says:

    Great to hear the journey is going well so far and you got to spend time with Liz and Natalie! Can’t wait to hear that you arrived in Boulder safely!

  2. Natalie says:

    Pam, we miss you so much, your stay was too short, but long enough to make brownies, lock your keys out, and make me and steve laugh harder than we have in a long time. Boulder, get read for Pam. T minus 28 day til we see your cute, pint sized piece!

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