Ode to Rhode Island

I haven’t posted in a while, so I am sharing this poem I wrote and recited at my going away party.

Author’s Note: Although I am committed to keeping this blog as current as possible, in light of the recent shortage of material, I have made an executive decision to include this even though its a few weeks old.

Before I go I have a few things to say
Please indulge me for a minute before I go on my way

Lest you think its simple for me to go
First there are a few things you should know

There’s nothing like being able to hang out with family & friends at the same time
Having everyone gathered together is really sublime

I’ve been lucky to make new friends in the short time since I moved back here
And reconnect with old ones who seemed to have disappeared

Thanks for the fond memories of Starbucks, the DMV, the Modern Diner, Garden Grille and the China Inn
And while I have you attention, did anyone by any chance tape me on the news scraping my car with a fin?

Back to the topic, I am so grateful to know how much support I have here and that’s no crap
Especialy the times when I was stuck with my bike far from home without a map

Don’t think for a minute that leaving is easy
I’m excited but I’m also scared and a little bit queasy

I know I’ll miss havin you near and being able to bebop over anytime
But with Verizon wireless I have free texting and unlimited minutes after 9

I’m pumped to be an aunt, that’s for sure
But I also feel right now I need to go off and explore

I know it will be different in Boulder
The air will be thinner and somewhat colder

The people will probably pronounce their R’s
And won’t take a left in front of you in their cars

But the biggest hurdle I will leap
Is saying goodbye to all my peeps

Tomorrow I must leave though, come hell or high water
For its been about a month now my parents have had to live with their 29 year old daughter!

Kidding aside I’ll miss all of you
I’m so blessed to know you’re part of my crew

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