On Vacation

I’ve been a slack blogger because I am doing a little STC (that’s code for secret training camp), aka Bicycle Tour Colorado

I wasn’t going to do it but then my friend Alan from Chapel Hill talked me into it. The conversation went like something like this:
Pam: I don’t know if I can work it out this summer, but I would definitely like to see you if you’re in the area.
Alan: Are you sure?
Pam: I don’t know, maybe…
Alan: You wouldn’t want to beat your boyfriend up all the climbs, would you?
Pam: Hmmm….
Alan: You don’t want to get in great shape for Ironman Wisconsin, do you?
Pam: Do you think its too late to sign up?

Alan was my neighbor and he was the one who showed me a lot of the best climbing in North Carolina. The first time he took me up Beech Mountain, I nearly died. I found him waiting casually for me at the top like he had just been for a walk in the park.
“Alan!” I panted, “My god! I can’t believe you’re as old as my parents!”
He replied, “Well, I’m old and you’re slow!”

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