Stalker Triathlete Competes This Sunday at RI 70.3

At the RI 70.3 expo today, I looked at the roster and saw listed Elizabeth Fedofsky and Boulder’s own Amanda Lovato, two female pros whose blogs to which I am most shamelessly addicted. I was excited for the race before I saw they were signed up but now doubly so! Don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed with a (classified) number of (triathlete) blogs, those are just the two who I am going to see on Sunday, in the flesh. Beside my coach, John Hirsch. And although I am obsessed with his blog too, sorry John, its not really that thrilling to see him in person because he’s not a celebrity to me; I have talked to him, bugged him, hung out with him, thanked him, cursed him… Its the mysterious people that you read about so often that you feel like you know them while being completely cognizant of the fact that they wouldn’t know you if you smacked them in the face… it is those people whose sightings evoke excitement.

So I’ve had a last minute change in race plan from Race Smart, Save Something for the Run, Break Six Hours or Die Trying, Look Cute for Finish Line Photo [note: if you are looking for me, my # is 1210, my outfit is a red, black, and white Boulder Triathlon Club kit, I should have my hair in two braids, my bike is orange, my helmet is blue, and on the run I think I will wear a white Timex cap], to all of the above plus Pay Attention and Spot Favorite Triathlete Blogger Celebrities Without Feeling or Looking Like a Stalker.

2 thoughts on “Stalker Triathlete Competes This Sunday at RI 70.3

  1. Sarah says:

    Pamela,Jessica and I will be in NYC looking for an apartment while you’re racing on Sunday. We had both hoped to cheer you on but will have to rely on Eve to represent the Goldbergs(maybe David too but I’m not sure. We’ll be thinking of you that day and hope that the race is all that you’re hoping for!Lots of luck!Love,Jessica and Sarah

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