What is up with that?

Madison, Wisconsin
There are a few things I’ve noticed this weekend that I just don’t understand.

1) What is up with people who insist on wearing technical fabrics to brunch/lunch/dinner/coffee/pulling the car around. Like someone is going to jump out from the shadows and yell “SURPRISE! Ironman is in 5 minutes! No time to change. GO!!!” Or is it that after you paid for the race registration fee, the lodging and the flight, you couldn’t afford the fee for a checked bag so you packed light and you only have two outfits to mix and match for the whole week? Don’t get me wrong, technical fabrics are great. I love them. I wear them almost every day. During my workouts, that is. I know when you walk down the street you want everyone to know you are an ironman, but isn’t the mandatory athlete bracelet enough? Men, we see your shaved legs. We get it. Ladies, half of you are more ripped than the men. We know you are about to do an ironman. It’s cool. Why can’t you wear normal clothes while you are doing normal things?

2) Why do you feel the need to wear clothing emblazoned with the words Ironman Wisconsin 2008 around Madison this weekend? I know you’re a triathlete. I see you walking around with your tri-bike complete with your number stuck to it in 2 different places. I see your athlete bracelet. I know you’re doing the race, I see you standing in line to register right in front of me. What is up with the announcement on your shirt? Does this go back to the fee for a checked bag… Perhaps while packing, you got stressed out with counting out all their gels, extra tubes, goggles, and such and just said “Screw the checked bag, I am going to buy all my clothes when I get there!”

3) What’s the deal with visors? I know its sunny, but half of you have your sunglasses perched atop the visor. I would understand if we were still in Boulder, where the sun literally hurts if you go outside with naked eyes. But we’re in Madison, Wisconsin. And I know you know this because you are wearing an Ironman Wisconsin t-shirt/visor/vest/wind jacket. You can pick one or the other. Why both??

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