Race Plan for Tomorrow

As it turns out, I am not so excited or nervous about tomorrow’s marathon. My training has been pretty lackluster. It feels like I am about to do a very very long run with spectators, aid stations and a big fee. Nonetheless, I have made a plan. It is a race, after all. Here it is:
4:50 – wake up. smoothie, coffee.
5:30-leave for race
6:00 arrive at race- drink water, Gatorade, use bathroom for last time!
6:30 – Get to start area
Race start: 6:45
Miles 0-1: SLOW. Warm up. No worries. Let them pass you. Who cares!??
Miles 1- 5 Pretty slow. Relaxed. You still have over 20 miles left to run! Around mile 5, eat a gel. Let people pass you. You’ll pass them later!
Miles 6-10. Steady pace. Eat a gel at mile 10. Smile at the people. Thank the volunteers. Don’t forget to hydrate.
Miles 10-20. Stay steady. Mile 15- eat a gel. Pick it up just a little if you feel good. Pass the runners who passed you earlier. Ha.
Miles 20-22. You are almost done!!! Don’t slow down!!!! Above all else NEVER WALK. This wasn’t best training but Pam, you have done 2 ironmans!!!! You have already run 4 marathons!!!! YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS. DON’T BE A WEENIE!!!! Don’t forget: you are running a race in freakin’ California. This is AWESOME.
Miles 22-26: its 4 stupid miles. Don’t wuss out. RUN RUN RUN. Run as fast as you can. Pass all the idiots who went out too fast.
Last .2: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. FINISH LINE IN SIGHT!!!!! Throw your hands up in victory as you pass through that line. 5th marathon! DONE!!!! Now its time for ICE CREAM!!!!!!

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