I’m not here to pretend I am this really big person or something. I’m not. I wish I was but I’m just not. I sweat small stuff. I have said “I’m sorry” and “I was wrong.” I’ve definitely done that a lot, I am not a totally awful person. But I’m not exactly the first person to let something go.

Which brings us to today. Today is no less than the third time someone from my past has requested my friendship on Facebook. It is also the third time I have let that request hang around my “requests” page, knowing full well I will at some point get sick of looking at his stupid face and click “ignore.” For the time being, I enjoy letting him hang out in purgatory. This person terrrorized me at summer camp when I was about 15 years old. Camp is supposedly this happy place where you sing Kumbaya and make happy memories that will last you a lifetime. In my case however, I arrived at camp awkward, skinny, afraid to talk to boys and just generally uncomfortable in my own skin. I left camp the same way, times two. It is probably fair to say this would have been the case whether or not my non-facebook friend had anything to do with it. Unfortunately, we’ll never know for sure. He was cool and I was decidedly, totally not. He made fun of me mercilessly. Whether he was alone or with a group, whenever we crossed paths I would inevitably feel uncomfortable, blush a lot, and then think of like 800 awesome comebacks 10 minutes later.

So now its 15 years later and he wants to be my Facebook friend? The first time, I assumed FB blasted his entire contacts list or something equally invasive. I brushed it off as some kind of cyberfluke. (But not before carefully considering whether it might be worthwhile to accept his friend request after all. Why not let him see how fantastic everything is in Pam-land?) The second time, I thought it was a little wierd, and that he was probably just wanting to be friends with anyone he knew but still I wanted nothing to do with him so I ignored it. But now its the third time and I am like Seriously? Why would you even want to be Facebook friends with someone who has denied your request 2 times in the past 4 months? That doesn’t even make sense. But I like it.

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