Working From Home Means….

You don’t blog as much as you want because…

a) You are sick of being in front of the computer
but more often
b) You haven’t worked enough today/this week/period to justify taking a large chunk of time (as it takes a shockingly long time to write a post that takes 2 minutes to read) to do something other than work.

Even though

c) If you added up all the 5+ minutes chunks of time you spent reading email/replying to one urgent email/checking facebook/checking Craigslist/checking the weather/checking your bank account online/getting a snack/going to the bathroom/reading blogs you know you would have enough time to write a blog post for crying out loud.

D) Ironically, working from home actually increases the urgency of all of the above. What used to be the casual perusal of Craigslist, when working from home evolves into an urgent pressing need to CHECK ON THINGS. All kinds of things (furniture, apartments, jobs) because THEY MIGHT NOT BE THERE TOMORROW. Not that you are necessarily looking for said furniture, apartments, or jobs. You just want to know what’s out there.

Right now working from home means YOUR WEDDING DRESS IS IN A BOX ON THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR. Said box is TAPED SHUT. In other words it arrived in the mail today and if you open the box, you will see the dress. When you see the dress you will touch the dress. Once you feel the dress you will have to put it on. And even though its still a foot too long and the chest is way too loose you will prance around like a pretty princess. Then you will try on your pretty pink heels and turn on some music (probably Madonna) and dance till God knows when. And then no work will happen. Which it desperately needs to.

So you finally decide that if you aren’t going to be working for the next 10-15 minutes its better to publicly vent about how hard it is to work from home than to dance in said bridal gown till the sky grows dark. And you try to remember how lucky you are to have a job, period, while your wedding dress is practically banging on the cardboard box, begging you to let her out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ditto..i check and check and check and am always happy when there is something new and funny and totally pam to read! what are you doing for work from home?-tina

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