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I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Boulder streets are the Nordstrom of random free stuff. I kid you not. If you wait long enough, you will find whatever you are seeking on these streets, especially around the first of the month, when all the snot nosed college kids who can’t be bothered to take their cast-offs to the Salvation Army leave them by the nearest dumpster instead. Not that I particularly blame them. Why should they go to the extra trouble when their stuff will surely be put to good use anyway? It is not uncommon to see people, all kinds of people, ranging from those with no teeth to those such as myself who have had thousands of dollars worth of orthodontia, shopping the side streets and alleyways. On Thursday I even saw people with grocery carts and buckets with which to shuttle their new treasures.

This week I have accrued: a colander, a host of tupperware, a wastebasket (the exact kind I actually spent money on at Bed Bath and Beyond, which is designated for the desk area. The bedroom still needed one), 3 wine glasses (for white wine), and a small skillet. I almost took a TV but a) It didn’t have a remote and b)I don’t have cable or c)DVR and if I got said TV I would feel compelled to get one of those introductory deals for both b and c and since I am using my neighbor’s unsecured internet connection for free anyway (thank you bobo, whoever you are), it doesn’t really make sense, especially because d) I have pretty much been off TV ever since I moved to Boulder save for a few presidential debates and episodes of Family Guy and How I Met Your Mother that Dan and I occasionally download on Which is kind of annoying because I’m always like “Tilt the Screen!” or “My head is in your armpit/collarbone/shoulder” and “WHY IS IT BUFFERING!? I WAS WATCHING THAT!” But overall this is better than an actual TV because I know from the times we have been in a hotel together that Dan and I are not compatible TV partners. And that is all I will say about that. Except that one of us really likes Sponge Bob Square Pants and one of us doesn’t. Also one of us flips through channels as if it is somehow satisfying to see 2 minutes of one thousand things and one of us doesn’t.

But anyway, I refuse to buy anything that either Dan has or we can register for, which is pretty much everything. I am so very looking forward to September 1 and all the pre-owned riches it will surely bring.

3 thoughts on “Found this week

  1. Anonymous says:

    SBSQ, I’ll have you know, is a character of considerable sophistication. Well, maybe not. But he sure is funny, in a zany, aimed-at-6-year-olds way. Plus, he rode the Hasslehoff in his movie–! What’s not to love?Dan

  2. Elizabeth says:

    i have to admit, SBSQ is funny…i think the humor can even go over the 6 year olds’ heads sometimes. anyways, when you get all of your riches come september, think about DVR. it’s worth it! -Liz ( I have been enjoying catching up with your blog!! xoxo)

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