What not to do

1) Meet your running group for a 6pm run at the park. Finish run just after 7:30.
2) Realize on your way to your fiance’s you forgot the ginger that goes in the soup you are about to make.
3)Begin to move from kinda hungry to considering eating my hand
4) Stop at home to get said ginger
5) Start the soup, which involves
a)boiling beets
b) boiling carrots
c) chopping onions, chicken, zucchini
d) mincing garlic, ginger
e) pureeing beets and carrots in blender. Which is more complicated that you thought it
would be and makes beet juice go everywhere.
f) browning onions, garlic, chicken
g) adding carrot puree, beet puree, zucchini, bring to a boil
h) add vegetable boullion and water
h) add ginger
6) Because now it is 9:30 and all you have had for dinner so far is an apple and a few carrot sticks and you are hungry, inpatient, and irritable and beet juice keeps getting everywhere.

I’m not saying don’t ever do these things. I’m just saying don’t do them in this order if you have a tendency to get hangry. (hungry=angry). And don’t ever do these things in this order with someone else if you want them to continue to enjoy hanging out with you unless they are a blood relative or have put a sparkly ring on your finger, but even then I really wouldn’t recommend it.

(I do however recommend the soup which we totally winged as far as the recipe was concerned).

3 thoughts on “What not to do

  1. PJ says:

    The soup sounds awesome but yeah, bad bad idea. In fact, any food that requires an ingredient like ginger be added means there’s some cooking beyond heating up involved and, therefore, should not be attempted.I can’t believe you didn’t rip into that dress box the second it arrived….

  2. Molly says:

    Oh man, I am the queen of being ravenously hungry and THEN starting a really involved dinner. One time Brian and I made dumplings from scratch when we were hungry, and by the time we got to the part where you fold the (homemade) dough into little dumplings, we were ready to cagematch. Hungry = crabby.

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