Green FAIL!

I was so happy today because I took the bus to and from work. Then when I went out to meet a girlfriend this evening I decided to take my bike downtown. Yessss! Two non-car modes of transportation in one day! No use of car! At all! I was giving myself a major pat on the back, not just for being so environmentally conscious but also for managing to wear a dress and pedal my road bike (note to self: get a cruiser bike for God’s sake. In a fun cheerful color). And then I remembered, the only reason I get to do these things is because I live where I live, in a city with an exceptionally well developed bike path system and a very easy to use bus system, in house that is steps from the bike path and a block from the bus stop, which also happens to be over a thousand miles from my family which equals extra air travel on top of extra air travel for Dan too = I might as well move back to Rhode Island and drive a Hummer. Dang it!!!

2 thoughts on “Green FAIL!

  1. Jonathan Rubin says:

    And by supporting a bike-path economy and writing about it you help to spread this idea nationally. Personally, I like bake paths because I really hate bikers in streets. It’s crazy dangerous, they take up a whole lane, I can’t see them, etc. Give them a lane, dammit!

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