Dear Dog Owners,

First of all, I would like you to know I love dogs. I have had a dog in the past, I have done a fair amount of dog sitting, and I currently would like a dog (see previous post).

That said, I am sick and tired of strange dogs running up to me, off-leash, on public trails. Would you come up to within half an inch of my body and then start rubbing against me in public without so much as an introduction? Didn’t think so. Then why would you allow your dog to do this? I know, your dog is friendly, otherwise you wouldn’t let him do this. Newsflash: I. Don’t. Care. Your dog could be Miss America and I still wouldn’t care because when I am running along and an unfamiliar dog comes barreling at me while you stand there holding your travel coffee mug, and saying nothing, I feel my stomach do a flip and my whole body feels like it is on fire and my heart starts beating super fast, you know like how you do when you randomly run into someone you used to date in the supermarket, which thank god I will probably never have that experience again because I moved a thousand miles from home and met the man I would eventually marry before I had time to really date anyone else.

I know you know the freaked-out feeling of which I speak. (You may also feel this way when you narrowly avoid a car accident or when you are just walking and for no reason your ankle rolls because your Dankso somehow got out from under you and you are like “Oh crap I am about to twist my ankle” and then when your ankle is fine you’re like “God, I hope no one saw me just totally lose my balance on my shoe.”) So please, quit acting like I am the one with the problem because I can’t handle your friendly dog. It’s downright scary when an animal you have never seen before is bounding toward you at a high rate of speed. The least you could do is say “I’m sorry my dog scared you” but instead you act like I’m uptight. How about if I come running straight at you and stop when I am right in your face next time I see you and when you act startled, I’ll be all, “Hey, relax, dude! Geez, I’m just being friendly! See how you like it.



2 thoughts on “Dear Dog Owners,

  1. Amanda M. says:

    Oh my god Pam, I feel the exact same way, subsitute mountain biking for running. It scares the crap out of me and is also quite dangerous for me and the dog. I admit that I dislike dogs somewhat so I am glad someone who likes dogs feels the same about dogs not on a leash! And the Dansko thing happens to me all the time! 🙂

  2. Pam says:

    Ok I am not the only one with the Danso problem:) They are so awesome I have five pairs, I don’t even care if they regularly induce a near heart attack!!

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