I have a problem.
The first step toward dealing with a problem is admitting it, so now it’s out there. The problem is: Working from home.

Despite what you might think, it’s not all its cracked up to be. I know what you are thinking… You have no commute, you don’t have to pack a lunch, you don’t have to buy a lunch, you don’t have to shower, heck you don’t even have to get dressed. But you know what else you don’t have? You don’t have anyone expecting you to be there.

You have the luxury of deciding to work through your lunch hour (or two) even though you have never actually followed through with this. You have the opportunity to throw in just one basket of laundry (why does that always take like 20 minutes??). You can load the dishwasher when you need to stretch your legs (Why does this take no less than 20 minutes?) You can go ahead and take 10 minutes to practice your makeup for your Lady Gaga Halloween costume and then 5 more adjusting the blond wig, and then spend another 10 minutes admiring how Gaga-esque you look and trying (mostly in vain) to get your husband to admire you as well, and then wonder where damn near a half hour of your workday went. Though I am not necessarily saying I have done this. Just saying one can and that I might or might not have.

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