A Chinese-less Christmas

As I sat in church last night, I peeked around at my fellow churchgoers and wondered to myself whether I was the only one who didn’t belong. I never imagined I’d be anywhere but a Chinese restaurant on Christmas eve. What else would be open, anyway? My plan all along was to marry a jewish doctor, after all. But the universe had other plans for me. I married the love of my life and along with him came his wonderful family. And that is how I ended up at church.

Never say never.

Merry Christmas!

One thought on “A Chinese-less Christmas

  1. Jonathan Rubin says:

    Pam,I was actually thinking of you a few days ago and Chinese Food, and your family chanting “Chi-na INN! Chi-na INN!”I too am experiencing a different Christmas – the Feast of the Seven Fishes, Italian Catholic-Style, with Dianna’s family in Chicago. Many trees, stockings and not a spring roll in sight. And yet I too am happy with this change of events. Life does take you in strange places, doesn’t it?Merry New Year!Jon

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