Baby talk

So far the baby appears to be developing normally. Big sigh of relief. We had an ultrasound on Friday and the baby was swimming around like a maniac and sucking it’s little thumb and the radiology technician said everything looked healthy. We did not want to find out the gender. I would rather be surprised at 40 weeks than 20. And I don’t care that its measuring a bit small. Seriously, at five feet tall, I don’t have room for a large baby. I am sure nature knows what its doing here. I really don’t care about anything except that there are two legs, two arms, four chambers in the heart, and a closed spinal cord, which there are. Yay! I just want it to be healthy.

I read the radiologist’s impressions today. Apparently all of the body measurements indicated a gestational age of 18 and a half weeks while the femur measures just over 19 weeks. Long femurs?? Maybe this baby will be a talented cyclist.

I couldn’t help it. The thought came into my mind before I was even fully aware of it. Ok so I thought I just wanted the baby to be healthy but I suppose I wouldn’t mind healthy little athlete.
As long the baby prefers time trials. Triathlons would be fine too. Road races and criteriums just make me a little too nervous.

3 thoughts on “Baby talk

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha Pam! I’m sure your baby will be healthy, robust and extraordinary! You never know what direction that takes, though, they have a way of doing their own thing! 😉 Thinking of you all, Love, Lucy

  2. Melissa. says:

    Oh God! Keep the projections at bay so you don’t become one of those moms who buys books for her toddler on techniques to get the kid into a competitive college!

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