It’s Official

I’m bored. I didn’t think the boredom would set in as quickly as it has, but it has. And don’t anyone tell me “Enjoy it, this will be the last time!” Also, please don’t recommend I take a nap. And any comments re: Any day now, being ready to pop, are you so excited, you must be so excited, are you ready, when is your actual due date… (yes, yes, sort of, uh huh, I guess so, Friday), enough already. Well, let me clarify. If you are my friend or family member (e.g. someone that actually knows me) ok we can discuss these things. If I don’t know you, just please keep your comments to yourself. A nice smile will suffice. The best thing that happened to me this week was when I was at the gym and this lady smiled at me in the mirror and as she opened her mouth I started to dread what I was sure to be the same conversation I’ve had with every well-meaning person my mom’s age at the gym over the last 3 months, but all she said was, “I love your necklace!”

Speaking of the gym. Overall I think my gym is pretty un-friendly, minus the front desk staff, who are awesome. But the other patrons? Not so much. I find them cliquey. But you know when they get chatty? You guessed it. When you are preggo. This one lady pretended like she wanted to talk to me about my pregnancy, but really she wanted to talk about her daughter-in-law’s pregnancy. While I was trying to blow dry my hair,

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