Day 4: Treadmill run

This morning I ran three miles on the treadmill because I woke up to snow on the ground, and cold rain, which became snow as I had breakfast and pumped (3.5 ounces. Yeah!). When I was pregnant, the first thing I did to prepare for having a baby was buy a treadmill on Craigslist. I was thinking I would like the opportunity to run while the baby was sleeping. Right now she’s too little to have a regular nap time, but I know the tready will come in handy when she does.

I watched the end of the pilot of Lost and part of the second episode of season 1 on Netflix on the iPad. Did you know I won the iPad? That is definitely the coolest thing I have ever won. It came with a Target gift receipt. We considered returning it for the cash but I’m glad we kept it. It’s so handy.

There’s not too much to say about the run. I covered 3 miles in about 35 minutes, give or take… I accidentally re-set the workout at about mile 2.4 when I was trying to press the fan button. I hate that! I find I do that much more often than I would like. I wish treadmills would say “Are you sure you want to end this workout?” like how a lot of computer programs say stuff like “Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?” As Dan would say, this is a first world problem. I am aware of this. I’m just saying.

I was pleased that the run felt so much more comfortable than the run I did Saturday. That said, I am suspicious of comparing outdoor running to indoor running. I did set the treadmill to a 1% incline, which I always do, to account for the absence of wind resistance that you would normally encounter outdoors.

After the run, I stretched for a bit, did some oblique crunches and I held a plank for a full minute. I also did 10 pushups. My shoulders were sore from yesterday’s swim. My forearm was especially sore from where I collided with the person swimming in the opposite direction in my lane, which I am sure was probably more my fault than theirs.  I emailed the coach of the Masters group I used to swim with at the Rec Center to see if there was room for one more. He said of course there was… When I emailed him it seemed like a great idea. But now I’m not sure. It starts at 6am. Which means getting up at 5am to allow time to pump, once or twice a week, depending on how often I meet them. Yikes. That is really early.  I am a chronic snoozer, although having a baby is changing that in a hurry. If I’d known that was all I had to do to break the habit, I would have done it years ago! Just kidding. “Stop pressing snooze” has been on my New Years Resolution list (the regular new year, the Jewish new year, and some years the Chinese New Year) since I can remember.

I just made an appointment with my physical therapist to address some minor issues that I do not want to become major. She cautioned me against running while nursing. She said my body was full of oxytocin and my ligaments are still quite loose. She said the impact of running would not be good for my body at this point. I told her I would take that under consideration. Of course I don’t want to get injured, or damage my body in any way, but really? This seemed extreme. But I do trust her. She has magic hands, tons of advanced training, and she really thinks outside the box. Did anyone else get this advice? If so, did you take it? Did you get back to running too soon post-partum and wish you’d waited?

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  1. hlondon says:

    All the pregnant and post pergnant ladies at my Crossfit box are still working out, and hard! So you do what you wanna. I am pretty sure your tiny body will hold up 🙂

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