Day 13

Today is Day 13 of the post-partum fitness experiment. I pushed snooze a mere two times before getting up. While I was drowsing, I heard Robbyn Hart of KBCO talking about some fancy alarm that doesn’t let you press snooze. As in the the snooze button doesn’t exist. She said that in order to turn off the alarm and reset it to a new time, you would have to go into another room and dial a phone number. I’m not sure if a) this thing was made for me, b) having this thing would be the end of my sanity or c) if perhaps I made it up because I was half in a coma when my clock radio alarm went off.

Anyways, once I got up and pumped (4 full ounces!), I was faced with a choice: Start my workout (which was the whole reason I got up while everyone else was still sleeping) or tidy up around the house. There was clutter everywhere (what’s new) and a newborn photographer was coming this morning and I was afraid that if I waited until I was done with my workout, Sweet Pea would want to nurse and I would have lost my chance to clean up. On the other hand, if she needed to nurse and I was in the basement on the trainer, Dan would just give her a bottle. So I cleaned up first and worked out second. Although I needn’t have worried because I had to wake Sweet Pea up just before the photographer came. I think she must take after Dan because after she stretched a few times, she opened her eyes and gave me the biggest smile (I typically do not do a whole lot of smiling until after a cup of coffee). Toothless baby grins are the best.

I biked on the trainer for 45 minutes, at an easy/moderate effort level with a few 30 second fast spin intervals. It was a little of a bummer to bike inside when I could have been outside, but when I only have a short period of time, I feel like its more efficient to just get on the trainer, where there are no downhills or tailwinds. 

I am still not going to run until my foot feels better. The good news is, I saw my physical therapist today and she said it doesn’t look like plantar fascitis. Rather, it’s an issue with my gait, which explains the slight pain in my foot and in my hip, and it seems fixable. 

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