Day 15: Carrot cake and a hot yet practical dress but no workout

Day 15:  Saturday April 14th
I took Saturday off because I was tired. We had intentions of going to the Farmer’s Market but it never happened. I promised to bring a carrot cake to a birthday party, so most of the day was consumed with baking the cake, waiting for it to cool and frosting it. Why it took so long to bake a cake, I can’t remember, really, but I am pretty sure both the the taking all day and the not remembering are a direct result of having an infant. I used this recipe and it turned out fantastic. I was wary of how it would be, considering I made no modifications for altitude, but it was perfectly moist and delicious. I didn’t use the maple cream cheese frosting that the recipe gives however. I am not that into maple. Instead I used a tried and true basic cream cheese frosting recipe from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

En route to the birthday party, we dropped off the cake (which had been sitting on my lap, uncovered, on a heavy platter, threatening to destroy my favorite Patagonia puffy coat) and kept driving, to ensure Sweet Pea would sleep at the party. And sleep she did. My midwife told me that it is not unusual for infants to sleep in loud environments because it is overstimulating and they need to “shut down.” So really, what you are seeing when this happens is not a sleeping angel, but a baby that is in a situation he or she cannot handle. I hate to put Sweet Pea in a situation she can’t handle, but then again, I love me some loud parties! She slept in her carseat in the living room almost the whole time, except when she woke up for a diaper change, to nurse, and to dance.

Speaking of nursing, specifically, nursing eight weeks post-partum at party where you are supposed to dress up, ladies listen up- because I have a tip for you on what to wear. I’m sure all nursing moms have been through this before… You get invited to a fancy event.
1) You need to figure out what still fits.
2) Then you need to eliminate most of the dresses because how do you nurse in a dress?
3) You realize a top and a skirt might work best, but due to #1, your skirts may not fit right now.
4) You consider buying something new but the idea of bringing the baby shopping is so unbelievably unappealing.

Complicated, right? I solved all these problems by wearing my favorite purple, stretchy, backless dress! Wait, how can you wear something backless without a bra, and how can you nurse without a wearing a bra, you ask? You get these things called Lilly Padz to stick to your nips. Not the most healthy product on the market, as it supposedly stops any leakage before it starts, and traps any moisture, but for special occasions, I think its ok.

And about the dress… I love this dress. I originally bought it to wear to Vegas last year. (Best wedding present ever. Well, actually we got a very expensive platter at Neiman Marcus for our wedding in RI. Which I neither wanted at all, nor wanted to schlep back to Colorado. So my parents returned it for me, gave me the store credit, and I went shopping and bought the dress and a few other overpriced, awesome things). Then I wore it again for my birthday when I was about six months preggers.

My birthday, 6 months pregnant, November 2011

It’s the best dress! To nurse, I just untied the back (it ties at the back of the neck although I don’t think you can see it in this pic) and let one side come down and with my nursing apron on, it was totally discreet. And stretchy enough that it totally fit. Not that same way it did in Vegas in 2011, but, duh, not like I thought it would.

This weekend
My fitness update has morphed into a fashion show and I haven’t even gotten into the actual exercise I’ve done since Friday, but please stay tuned, I promise to post an update shortly. It’s bedtime (for Sweet Pea and for me!) But one thing- for the mamas… What solutions have you found for dressy/cute/sexy outfits that allow you to nurse conveniently? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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