More Post-Partum Fitness Experiment

Day 16: Sunday April 15
We woke up and I wanted to keep sleeping (as usual) and Dan wanted to go out for brunch. I love to sleep but I also really love to go out to eat… What to do, what to do… My life is so hard. I got out of bed in a hurry (about 20 minutes after Dan mentioned brunch) and set to work and within 45 minutes I had made Dan a snack to tie him over (NOT to tide him over… I looked it up), pumped, got dressed, filled a water bottle, refilled my tires and was out the door on a bike ride.  It was a perfect day for a ride. The air was crisp, the sky was sunny, the grass was green, and there was snow on the mountaintops. Coming back down South Boulder Road with a panoramic view of the Flatirons unfolding before me, I was reminded yet again of why I love living here. I can never get over the fact that the scenery here makes me feel like I should be on vacation, like this is too beautiful to be my life. I rode for an hour and ten minutes, including a gradual climb of about 2 miles. It felt good to get out. I drank a bottle of Heed while riding and replenished calories with the South Walnut Cafe bennie special (an egg, a black bean cake, cheese, and spinach sauce on an english muffin), a bite of Dan’s banana bread and a Boulder latte (which involves honey, vanilla, and cinammon. Mmmmm.)

Day 16: Monday April 16
I had every intention of going to Masters but Sweet Pea had other plans for me. Sunday night, she nursed for what I hoped was the last time and I had her in bed at 11:10pm. We repeated this at around 12:40am. In my bleary state, I considered getting up at 5:00am to be at the pool for 6:00, and the fact that Monday is the day when Dan goes to a meeting after work and doesn’t return until about 10:00pm. Also note, Sweet Pea seems to have a sixth sense about when we are short-handed and tends to be most fussy on Monday nights, and I am invariably calling Dan between 9:57 and 10:03pm every Monday to ask through clenched teeth where he is. I saw a meltdown (mine, not Sweet Pea’s) in my immediate future and therefore turned off the alarm. Fortunately, Dan was able to be flexible with his work hours, so I was able to go for a 40 minute run at 8:40am. My foot had been feeling much better so I decided to go for it and it felt really good. My hips are a little sore but I think that’s partly to do with the fact that it was my first run on pavement in months. My foot, however, feels almost 100%.

Day 17: Tuesday April 17
I swam 1400 meters before dinner. The best part was the steam room afterward. I never went in during my pregnancy because I was afraid it was too hot. So far, I was a bit concerned that exercise would affect my milk supply, so I avoided it because of the sweat factor. But I think my milk has been fine, as Sweet Pea has been growing like crazy. So I went in. And it was glorious.

Day 18: Wednesday April 18
I met a friend at the rock gym at 6:30. I set the alarm for 5:20 but Sweet Pea started cooing (loudly) at her mobile at 4:45 so I didn’t get to sleep in. (Please note the sarcasm). Before I got pregnant, I was climbing indoors about once a week and I was able to do a 5’9 but now even the 5’6’s were challenging. I am looking forward to getting back into it. Oh and before I left, I pumped a 7oz, a major PR. Woot!

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  1. Pam says:

    Carolyn, you are so much more qualified than Google to answer these types of questions:) I should have asked you first. Seriously, thanks!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We advocate a more gradual approach to weight loss. “The number one thing new mothers have to have is a certain amount of patience with their body,” she says. “It took nine months to get there. It should take at least that long to get back to their fighting weight.

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