Day 43: Bring your infant to work day

Day 43: Monday May 14
Today I took the day off from working out. As usual, I planned on making the 6am Masters swim but bailed at the last minute. I was exhausted Sunday night (I guess a hot stone massage will do that to a girl!)  and Sweet Pea didn’t go to bed until about 9:30 or 10:00. Not that that’s so late, but I need time to wind down before falling asleep and it was near 11:00 by the time I shut off the light.

It probably would have been earlier but I downloaded “Fifty Shades of Grey” onto the Nook and I’m totally into it. I love reading on the Nook when I am breastfeeding since its so easy with only one had free, but I have to admit, reading that with my baby in my other arm feels a little inappropriate. Yet its too compelling to put down.  I have been advised to read EVERYTHING to your baby, whether its your email, the newspaper or whatever and while I know you should never say never, I’m pretty positive I’m never going to read that one out loud to Sweet Pea.

Besides basically everything, one thing that is so great about having a baby is you can take them everywhere, at least at this young age (coming up on three months). Today I took her to a long-term care facility where I do some very occasional per diem work for my annual performance review. I asked my manager in advance if she would mind, and she said no, and as usual Sweet Pea was her smiley, mellow self during most of the review. She fussed a little so I nursed her in my supervisor’s office while we went over some paperwork. I wasn’t sure if it was weird, but I figured it wouldn’t be at all odd if I’d given her a bottle, so I went for it. It was probably a first for my supervisor, but then again this is Boulder. I didn’t let on that I was maybe a bit uncomfortable and neither did my supervisor, so we just got on with signing forms and talking about the new productivity requirements while Sweet Pea went about her business.

On the way out, I ran into a few residents who were just delighted to gaze at the baby. That’s the other thing about having a baby- People love them! Of course I realize not all people love them, I know not everyone is a baby person, but I think its safe to say most people think babies are cute and  it was really fun to see the old people light up when they saw Sweet Pea. I stopped to chat with a few of them who were just sitting alone and they expressed genuine gratitude that I had stopped and said hello.

Another thing about having a baby- it has helped me to slow down. I used to be in a hurry all the time. Now I feel like the only thing I have to do take care of Sweet Pea, and anything else I can accomplish in a day is a bonus. So on the way out of my performance review, we stopped on the perfectly manicured grass so I could change her diaper. (I avoid changing diapers on public bathroom floors whenever possible). Then we hung out on her blanket for a bit before checking out the flowers that were in full bloom. We were in walking distance of the library, so we headed over so I could see if they had the Time issue that has everyone with their panties in a bunch (you know the one I mean). I’ve read a lot of the commentary, but I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss is about and read the original article. Unfortunately they didn’t have it.

I also stopped at my gym, which stands between work and the library, to meet the daycare staff and ask some questions about gym daycare hours and policies. From what I saw, I didn’t fall in love with the place, but I also don’t think I need to be in love with it to feel ok with Sweet Pea being safe and fed for an hour or so while I work out once in a while.

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