Mission Accountable Day 7: An easy run and a scheduling glitch

Today I did an easy run with a friend. We met at my gym just before 7 am and headed out from there, for about 25 minutes of easy jogging, at which point we walked the remainder. She felt like walking and I didn’t make any effort to talk her into running any farther, given that my legs were a bit sore from yesterday. I had feared that I would be in for a long night and that I would have to bail on the run when Sweet Pea was up, crying and wanting to nurse at 10:45 pm, which is unusual for her. Luckily I did not hear from her again till 4:30am, and then again just after 6, per usual.

Regardless, I was pretty invested in making sure this run happened. Because I was heading straight from the gym to work, I had a lot of things to prepare the night before; a breakfast, a work outfit, a lunch, and my pump. I felt like a pack mule as I walked out to my car this morning. Just before I entered the gym so that I could shower and get a cup of coffee (yes, my gym has a hot tub, a steamy sauna, a dry sauna, AND coffee. I really love it there), I discovered a voicemail from work from yesterday. It was one of my co-workers, asking if I could possibly come in for four hours… This was puzzling, considering I thought I was already scheduled for the full day.  After a few phone calls, the truth was revealed: Between a miscommunication and my failure to review the work calendar, there was in fact, no need for me to be at work. But my lunch was packed, my scrubs were on, my car was heading toward work, and worst of all, the babysitter was already at my house. Doh! 

Though I was able to attend a work meeting that I could at least clock in for, that wasn’t until lunchtime. In the meantime, I had nearly three hours in which to spend any way I wanted, sans bebe… To be honest, what I really wanted to do was play with my baby, but that was the babysitter’s job. I came home and nursed so I wouldn’t have to pump (score!), and got down to the glamorous business of checking items off my to-do list. I took our summer-weight blanket to the laundromat since our washing machine can’t wash something that big. (Secretly, I am looking forward to the day it breaks so I can get a high efficiency front loader).  I also took out the recycling and gave our recycle receptacle a good soak and a scrub with baking soda. I wish I could say it looks like new again, but I’m just not very good at cleaning. The most I can say is that it doesn’t look filthy anymore.

By the time I arrived at work, it turned out there were a few new patients that needed to be seen and my lovely co-workers were happy to throw me a few extra hours. By the end of the day, I worked almost five hours which was fine. All I really wanted was to at least break even as far as paying the babysitter, which I did, with the added bonus of a clean blanket and a kind of clean recycle wastebasket. It was a good day.

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