Mission Accountable Day 10: 14 Miles on the Treadmill, done!

I had been anticipating today’s run with one part angst and two parts excitement. Angst that I would be running 14 miles on the treadmill, which is about four more than I have ever done at once on the mill before, plus the fact that the workout would be challenging- a four mile warm up, seven miles at goal half marathon pace (8:00/mile), a mile easier, a mile faster than goal race pace, then a cool down mile. Just coming up with the workout really tested my math skills. But I was also excited because I knew how good it would feel to nail this workout, and I really enjoy watching Netflix while I exercise. Dan was at a conference all day (from 7am to 9pm), so the treadmill was the only option. There was no way I was getting up well before 5am to do this, so I saved it for the evening, after I put Sweet Pea to bed. In anticipation of this oddly timed long run, I had a protein shake at about 4pm, and about three hours later, I began the run.

The weather today was cold, gray, rainy on and off, and at one point it was hailing. So I wasn’t too disappointed not to be out there. Also, instead of picking up where I left off on Season Three of Mad Men, I poked around on my Netflix home page and by golly, I discovered that there were NEW EPISODES OF WEEDS. I have no idea how long those had been waiting for me. I debated whether to continue with Mad Men or start Season Seven of Weeds for all of about five seconds and went for the latter.

During the workout, I got through four and a half episodes of Weeds, two gels, two bottles of Nuun, and according to the console I burned eighteen hundred something calories, though I have no idea where the treadmill comes up with that, I just thought it was a fun factoid to share. I started on a half a percent incline, and about halfway into my seven miles at goal pace segment, I upped it to 1.0% incline because it felt too easy, and kept it at 1.0% for the remainder of the workout. As I hoped, I nailed it. My legs just felt great the whole time and my breathing was under control. I realize it would have been a lot harder outside, but I also know I wouldn’t have been able to do this workout a month or six weeks ago, so I am feeling confident that my fitness is coming around.

What’s the longest/sickest workout you’ve ever done on the treadmill? What do you to pass the time if you are stuck working out indooors?

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