Mission Accountable Day 12: A swim, a point for gym babysitting

Today I meant to get up and run before Dan left for work, maybe just 40 minutes and then some strength stuff in the basement when Sweet Pea went down for her first nap but that plan went to sh*t around 5:30 am when Sweet Pea was up for the second time last night. Morning came way too soon. The sun was still low enough for the sky to remain dark because that’s just how it is around here before we set the clocks back, and this night owl was just not feeling a run. Or anything for that matter. Anything except staying in bed. I was definitely feeling the sleeping vibe, and the sleeping vibe only which I did until about 8, and that was really nice.

I eventually got around to working out after Sweet Pea rose from her afternoon nap, when we went to the gym. Sweet Pea stayed at Kids Korner (they spell it with a “K,” trust me I know how to spell “Corner” correctly) while I swam laps in the outdoor pool. I was kind of excited because they had just re-opened the pool, after a closure of over a week for renovations. I thought it was going to have glass tile or something equally aesthetically pleasing, but no, it was just a re-grouting and re-tiling project which did nothing for the appearance. Not that it ever looked bad. I just assumed that if they were closing for that long, it had to be for beautification purposes.  I managed to enjoy my swim despite staring at what appeared to be the same cement pool floor, as the sun was out and I had a whole lane to myself. When I drop Sweet Pea in gym babysitting and swim, I normally spend my entire workout half expecting to see one of the babysitters out of the corner of my eye, holding her, writhing, screaming, and red-faced on the pool’s edge. But today I wasn’t worried about that, mainly because the Kids Korner lady greeted me with a smile, eye contact, and a comment about how cute Sweet Pea was. It doesn’t take much to win my trust, really.

Speaking of kids and strangers, trust, etc. Please keep Jessica Ridgeway in your thoughts, hearts, prayers, wherever you would hold a wish that this missing ten year old girl comes back to her parents. She was last seen in Westminster, CO (about ten miles from Boulder) on Friday morning.
Apparently, she was walking a short distance from her home to meet friends at a local park, where they normally meet and then walk to the bus stop together, but the friends said she never met them. I overheard some ladies in the pool today talking about this situation and one lady made what sounded to me like a half joking comment about putting GPS trackers inside of her kids’ bodies. I pondered it for a bit, knowing that even if it were possible, Dan would never approve (he’s read a LOT of science fiction). Dan’s thoughts notwithstanding, I thought a bit about this idea but I have not come to a conclusion.

Would you put a GPS device in your child if you could? Would it be too Hunger Games-y? Would it interfere with kids being kids, playing and exploring? (Which if you are into that, check out this awesome website). Would it let you relax knowing it would lessen the risk of a stranger abduction? Or would you become paralyzed by the need to be constantly checking in with the device to know what your kid was up to (which is the reason I thought I wouldn’t want a video baby monitor)?

3 thoughts on “Mission Accountable Day 12: A swim, a point for gym babysitting

  1. Pam says:

    Dan, this is why we are good match. Because I am just emotional about it and I’m like “DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO PREVENT CHILD ABDUCTION REGARDLESS OF HOW SMALL THE ODDS THAT IT WILL ACTUALLY HAPPEN THIS IS BREAKING MY HEART!!” while you are calmly collecting relevant data and weighing the evidence. That brochure, if it’s a credible source, brings up some major concerns about GPS implantation.

  2. swimming gear says:

    Getting to swim after a pool renovation is always nice. Even if its more maintenance or anything but aesthetics. With a whole lane to yourself is an icing to the cake =DOn your question, I don’t think I’ll be able to put a GPS on my kids. It sounds taboo right now but who knows. Maybe in the next 20 years, GPS will be a standard.

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