Mission Accountable Day 16: Commitment!

I just thought “Commitment!” was a good follow-up to yesterday’s “Consistency!” post. Maybe tomorrow I can come up with something else that begins with a “C” and has an exclamation point after it? I’m open to suggestions. Feel free to give ideas in the Comments! field. Sorry, I could not resist.

So about commitment… I wasn’t in the mood to blog today, but I committed to 45 days of blogging about my training, so welcome to my latest post.

I didn’t work out today because it was my (planned) rest day. Here are a few things I did do:

-I went to work and let the babysitter hang out in our perpetually untidy home with the baby for a change. I’ve been realizing lately that the best way to deal with a home that isn’t as clean, uncluttered, and generally as tranquility-inspiring as you would like is to either clean it (obviously), OR to leave it! That could mean going to work and leaving someone else to deal with it, or simply going for a walk, heading to the library, or running an errand.

-I got the coconut cream pie at the hospital cafeteria and it was as heavenly as ever.

-I thought some more about my Halloween costume. I take this holiday very seriously and I’ve only repeated a costume once, ever.  Options are: A strawberry (this would just be a bigger version of the little strawberry costume I made Sweet Pea. I don’t procrastinate the really important stuff), Judge Judy, a Geisha girl (probably the most labor-intensive option and therefore the least likely to happen), Stevie Nicks (except most people probably won’t know who I am trying to be, so this is also unlikely to come to fruition), or a Target cashier (this would involve painting a cardboard box red and inserting myself in it, so it would look like the checkout counter- also an unlikely choice because it would be awkward to move in).   So far the Strawberry is the front runner, but anything could happen.

What are you going to be? What was your most unique/awesome Halloween costume?

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