Mission Accountable Day 19: Monday…

Today I went to a mom/baby/stroller exercise event that a friend was leading, just to try something different. It was a perfect day for it, weather-wise, but the timing was sub-optimal as far as the whole nap thing. I had to leave before we got into the good stuff, but I got in some walking, a few stretches, a few lunges, and some chatting. That chatting part was the highlight, for sure.

I thought about getting on the trainer and watching an episode of something on Netflix after I put Sweet Pea down for the night. Instead I made dinner (cashew encrusted pollock, which was mainly an excuse to eat a lot of cashews), had a glass of wine, and ate two pieces of cake. I also completed an application to coordinate a  Listen To Your Mother event here in Boulder and submitted it just a few hours before the deadline. If my application is accepted I will be very excited and then I will probably freak out about how I could possibly tackle such a huge project, but then I would eventually get it done and it would feel amazing. If my application is not accepted I will be 1% relieved and 99% disappointed.

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing it right? By “it” I mean everything. And by “right” I don’t necessarily mean “right,” as I’ve never been a perfectionist, but I mean not wasting your whole life. Like, am I lame that I am pretty happy being a mom and working very part-time at a job that isn’t too challenging? Is that boring? Am I wasting my talents? Will my kid look at me someday and want to be like me or will she go, “My mom never took any risks.”? My days revolve mainly around figuring out when Sweet Pea should be sleeping. Sometimes I feel like I’d have an easier time finding a cure for cancer. But sometimes I feel like I am too interesting and talented to be doing the same thing over and over and over and over.  So… that’s how my Monday was. How was yours?

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