Mission Accountable Day 20: Morning run and some Fall fatigue

Hi. In case anyone is reading this thing every day, I just noticed now that yesterday’s post didn’t actually post. I saved it as a draft, without realizing I’d never hit “Publish.” I’m pretty sure I am the only one who noticed that I promised to blog daily for 45 days and missed a day, but on the off chance I’m wrong… Well, I am still blogging daily, I just had a technical error.

This morning I got up early and cranked out five very easy miles before 8am, which felt good. I love when the temperature is perfect for shorts and a long sleeve, and that’s what we had this morning. When I got out, the sky had just turned from black (when I first got up to nurse the baby) to dark blue (as I was eating my instant oatmeal), to light blue (when I was making faces at the baby, procrastinating- I was procrastinating, not the baby), and finally to bright clear, crystal blue. There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was sparkling through the yellow leaves, while it cast a pink glow on the Flatirons. I have come to expect every morning to look like this, and yet I never fail to notice that it looks more like a place that should just be on a postcard, and not a place that I actually get to live.

The run itself was nothing special. It just felt good to move, especially given the fact that yesterday I felt pretty blah all day. In fact, I felt pretty blah most of today, too. For the second day in a row, I took a nap when Sweet Pea napped, which is something I seldom do. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve napped since she was born. I would so much rather do pretty much anything, even pay bills or clean, than sleep in the middle of the day. But I’ve felt pretty wiped these past couple of days, hence the napping.  I’m sure part of it is the change of seasons. Now that the days are significantly shorter, our chickens are laying a lot less. We used to get three to five eggs a day (we have five chickens), but now we get about one or maybe two a day.  I guess we all get a little less productive in the fall.

One thought on “Mission Accountable Day 20: Morning run and some Fall fatigue

  1. ThirdCultureMama says:

    No, no – I for one was looking for Monday’s blog yesterday and the day before! :-)I thought it was a bad day or that after 18 days of blogging, it got tiring. Glad you’re back.About your Monday’s blog, I feel the same way. I wonder if I will ever have time to invest into my talents or if my life will be spent investing time into / with my son. Not that it’s not worth every second..but it sure is perplexing to have a graduate degree in business only to use it to calculate the next wake time when I can schedule an appointment or to criticize the marketing on cloth diapering websites. I am sure this phase will pass but it does get me thinking too.

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