Mission Accountable Day 22: An abbreviated treadmill run

Today I ran on the treadmill while Sweet Pea napped. I only got in 3.6 miles before she woke up, which was my own fault for not being changed and 100% ready to go before I put her down. I waited about three minutes to decide whether she was awake and crying for real, even though I knew the answer was Yes. I went up and got her and brought her back down, hoping she would play for a few minutes while I finished the last .4 miles of my run. I tried setting her up with toys and books but she only wanted me. I gave her the Swiss ball she was so into yesterday, but still she only wanted me. I spent at least five minutes trying to get her into something other than me, (which FYI, is flattering- to a point) and finally got back on the treadmill when she seemed to be adequately intrigued by patting the Swiss ball. Ironically, the second I got on the treadmill, she was fixated on… me. I shouldn’t have even bothered with the toys. I ended up getting in another .3 miles (for a total of 3.9 miles), at which point Sweet Pea reached out to touch the treadmill. Homey don’t play that. I cut my run a little short. While it was unlikely that Sweet Pea was going to climb up on the mill and send herself flying into oblivion, I wasn’t in a gambling mood. I know she understands “No” because oftentimes, when I say it, she turns to acknowledge me with a sh*t-eating grin. So she gets “No,” she has the motor abilities to get at least half of her body on the treadmill, and she lacks the reasoning abilities to realize what could happen were she to get into a scuffle with the treadmill… definitely a bad combo.

Anyway, it was a good, if slightly abbreviated run… Truth be told, I wanted to get in five miles but there was no time for that. My legs felt good today, which is a good sign. I have a few more days left of an easy week, then one last hard week before I taper for the half marathon.

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