Mission Accountable Day 24: Sick Day

Today I ended up calling out sick from work, but not because of the clogged duct (which is 100% back to normal, thank you very much) but because of a cold. I started coming down with it Thursday, at which point I started pounding zinc lozenges and water. Friday I was sniffly but I didn’t think it would be enough to keep me out of work. Even as I went to sleep Friday night, I thought I would go to work this morning. But at 4:36a.m, after tossing and turning for hours, having been unable to breathe through my nose for at least that long, I left a message with work telling them I wasn’t coming in.

If I haven’t been clear up to now, having a child flips your whole world upside down  in ways you could never imagine. Today I learned another interesting lesson- Once you have a baby, being sick on a Saturday is actually a good thing. If I were sick on a weekday, I would probably spent much of the time Sweet Pea wasn’t napping lying on the couch, idly watching her play in her exersaucer and being mildly annoyed whenever she needed to eat, to have her diaper changed, etc. On the other hand, being sick on the weekend Dan was able to take her much of the time, while I caught up on sleep, which was a huge lifesaver. Also, it’s way less depressing to be sick when someone (e.g. your husband) is able to hang out with you. While Sweet Pea napped, we watched the movie we went to on our first date (My Name is Charlie Bartlett, a very sweet coming of age story). In between me digging around for a soggy handkerchief, sneezing, coughing, eyes watering, and generally being gross, we reminisced about our first date.

So, being a blob was fun for a while, but by 3pm I’d had enough. I was starting to be able to breathe again and I was getting stir crazy. So, to be true to my rule (if symptoms are from the neck up, it’s ok, and sometimes even good to work out a little), and to preserve my mental health, I went for an easy three mile run. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either, and I definitely felt better at the end than when I started.

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