Mission Accountable Day 36: A rest day and a cocktail

Today was a planned rest day. I got a little exercise taking Sweet Pea for a walk in her stroller to the library to return some books and hitting the liquor store on the way home. We have company in town, so I stocked up alcohol. Back home, I made a celebratory cocktail using our new shaker. In the dark days before we had a shaker I would mix drinks one at a time, and eyeball the amounts I was putting in each glass, which was a good system. With the shaker, I was on shaky ground, but it came out alright. I started with three generous handfuls of ice cubes and a very generous pour of vodka. I added significantly less amounts of orange liquer and Chambord. I had a couple of cans of Izzie sodas and an 8 oz. bottle of club soda in the pantry which I poured in until the shaker was full. Surprisingly, it was delicious- fruity but not too sweet.

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