Mission Accountable Day 37: An easy run, a swim and an all out sprint for the bus

Today started early… I am not sure when 5:45am going to not feel early anymore, considering it’s the time Sweet Pea I generally wake up these days, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be… never. For a change, I took her for a run with the BOB stroller. Don’t think I never thank Dan for all the awesome things he does for me, including being patient, kind, and generally putting up with my high maintenance ass, but I think it bears reiterating, he is very flexible and I appreciate it soooo much. Like earlier this week, when Sweet Pea was up half the night, and I was up with her and I encouraged him to go sleep in the other room so he could be rested for work, he decided to work from home for most of the morning so I could sleep in while he kept and eye on Sweet Pea while working. That was a bigtime lifesaver.

So taking her in the BOB so Dan could get some more sleep was the least I could do. For the first time maybe ever, it didn’t feel ridiculous to run while pushing a stupidly heavy stroller. What was ridiculous was how dark it was at 6:45 am. I’m talking pitch black. Sunrise was pretty awesome though. As much as I hate waking up (at all, any time), once you’re out there and the sky is streaked pink and blue with the moon still shining over the Flatirons… It’s almost worth it. I got in about 4 miles, which took close to 50 minutes, as I wanted to go easy. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re running a ten minute mile or faster, there’s nothing easy about pushing the BOB. Otherwise, you’re a superstar and congratulations, you should be very pleased with yourself.

Later this morning I did a short swim with my friends who are in from out of town, because if you enjoy swimming even a little bit, you have to experience swimming outdoor laps in a heated pool in cool weather. It’s pretty awesome. I made them promise not to tell anyone how awesome the weather is in Boulder (shhh).

The real workout came after dinner however. We took the bus so no one would have to be the DD. And because the bus is awesome. If my dad is reading this, he is like “Who stole my daughter’s online identity and is she ok???” because whenever I used to ask to borrow the car keys, he would always be like “What’s wrong with the Hope 42 Tunnel? It was good enough for me!” And I would just roll my eyes, like “As if!!'” The truth is, I didn’t think I was too good for the bus, I was just afraid I would get lost (which is a very realistic concern, and if you don’t believe me, you obviously don’t know me).

After an amazing dinner at Oak (which has great drinks, food, and service, but is quite loud), we headed toward the bus stop and saw the bus coming right for us. At this time, the bus only comes every 30 minutes, so it felt pretty important that we catch this one. The bus was stopped at a red light. Someone (me? It was all a blur, who knows) began to make a mad dash for the next stop while the bus was still. The mad dash escalated to an all-out sprint, which evoked cheers from passersby (which we later determined to be them making fun of us and actually rooting for the bus). However the end result was we made it to the bus before it pulled away from the stop.

I’m not sure whether I should consider this a “quality workout” or not.

2 thoughts on “Mission Accountable Day 37: An easy run, a swim and an all out sprint for the bus

  1. Anonymous says:

    Day 36 happened again! Groundhog Day?I’m curious why you had your change of heart regarding the bus system?Dan

  2. Pam says:

    Not Groundhog day, just trying to keep you on your toes:)Re: the bus system… I wish I had an emoticon to indicate I am rolling my eyes at you right now.

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