Mission Accountable Day 44: T minus 1 day!!

I used to swear by this secret…. If you really really want something, say it out loud four times. I boasted that it has worked for me 100% of the time (three out of three trials). Of course, I only save it for important things. I’ve never asked for a parking spot or to have a good hair day four times, for example. But last night I thought it was worth asking that Sweet Pea sleep until morning four times. Unfortunately it didn’t work. She was up at 1am and sometime again around 3 or 4 and I don’t really remember anything else except that Dan was a gentleman (read: we’d negotiated a deal in advance) and he took Sweet Pea downstairs around 5 so I could catch a few more z’s.

So even though the night was a bust, as far as sleep, the morning was good. Later in the morning, my sister-in-law took Sweet Pea, enabling me to sleep even longer. (We are staying at this adorable rental condo near Santa Barbara with Dan’s sister and brother-in-law). By 7 I was up and ready to go. 7am feels like 8 because of the time change, and that was some MAJOR sleeping in for this tired mama.

Because Dan is “training” and because Sweet Pea’s aunt and uncle were willing to stay with her, Dan and I were able to do a 20 minute run together. We went easy for the beginning, then I took about five minutes to practice running at race pace (sea level feels soooo much different than back home!), and then five 20 second sprints.  The run felt really good.

Later, Dan and I ventured to Santa Barbara to pick up my race packet and poke around downtown, again sans baby. What a treat! I wanted a shot of myself at the race expo but it didn’t come out that great. In lieu of that, here is one of me and Dan. You can see the lush California vegetation in the background.  We really enjoyed our date.

Yes I know it usually takes couples a lot longer to start to look alike. 

 I feel ready to race tomorrow. Tonight the plan is pasta for dinner, possibly a bath and definitely reading more of Mindy Kaling’s awesome book on the Nook.

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