A Day In the Life

5:35  Awaken to the faint sound of “eh-eh-eh.” hope it will go away. “Eh-Eh-Eh” escalates to full blown crying.
5:38  Nurse baby. Consider staying awake after nursing to run. Reject ridiculous idea.
5:55  Put baby and self back to sleep.
6:55  Baby crying. Husband says he will check diaper.
6:56  Wonder why husband is taking so long.
7:30 Tip toe to bathroom in hopes of using it alone. Feel smug once in bathroom with door shut.
7:44 Feel excited and grateful for coffee.
7:46 Meal time. Baby throws thinly sliced banana slices on floor. Baby throws lovingly cut cubes of kiwi on floor. Baby throws avocado pieces on floor.
7:52 Remember mantra : Don’t React. Remind yourself you are awesome parent for not making food into power struggle.
8:00 Consider getting dressed. Microwave coffee again. Need to check email first. And Facebook. And make a few phone calls.
9:06 After getting dressed, realize your outfit kind of matches the baby’s outfit. Do not consider changing anyone’s outfit.
9:30 Attach Burley trailer to bike, collect helmets, lock, backpack with one eye on baby hoping she doesn’t crawl into street/eat rocks, sticks, grass, et al
10:30 Arrive at library story hour 15 minutes late per usual. Watch baby walk around, get up in other people’s faces/laps/bi-niss/sippy cups/crumbs/food pouches. Remember mantra: If no one is crying do not intervene. Remind yourself you are awesome free-range parent. Catch up on Google Reader while intermittently looking up to supervise baby.
11:45 Meal time. See above. (Turkey, bread, and cheese on floor this time).
12:10 Put baby down for nap.
12:15 Open computer to start blog post. First must check email. And Facebook. Remember to feed chickens. Make necessary phone calls. Fold laundry. Pay bills.
2:35 Re-motivate to write blog post
2:38 Hear baby crying. Warm up a sippy cup of milk and retrieve crying baby.
3:00 Feel too tired to do anything but lie on living room floor. Invite baby to cuddle. Remind baby it is ok to touch near belly button but not ok to poke belly button. After second belly button poke, tuck shirt in and limit access to belly button.
5:45 Call husband. Casually ask when he will be home from work. Just curious…
6:00 Feed baby dinner. See “Meal Time” as above. (Chicken, avocado, tortilla on floor this time).
7:00 Baby asleep. At least in crib with light off.
7:10 Start blog post again.
8:30 Hit “Publish”
9:30 Husband says he is going to bed. Tell him will be right there.
10:10 Get in bed. 

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15 thoughts on “A Day In the Life

  1. Kate Hall says:

    Fun post! Sounds like you’ve got the mom-thing down. I liked the belly-button part. Btw, is that photo all the way at the very bottom of your blog taken at the Grand Tetons? It looks like the setting for one of our family photos. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Dawns Disaster says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much time we spend on our computers? I used to actually think I didn’t need a laptop…boy, was I crazy! Thanks for linking up with #FTSF this week!

  3. Janine Huldie says:

    Can totally relate to the whole mom thing. My kids are getting older, but still the same variation of wake up, food, naps, bed time. Thanks for linking up with us!! 🙂

  4. Dana @ Kiss My List says:

    I get excited and grateful for coffee too. Your typical day takes me back to when my kids were little! Now I’m lucky if my daughter is finished her homework by 10:10. (sigh) Visiting from FTSF – looking forward to hopping around your blog!

  5. Jen says:

    My son (7) still pokes my belly button. Only now he says, don’t worry, I won’t poke your belly button. Then poke! Why do I never learn?

  6. Jean Heff says:

    My daughter is in the food/toy/whatever tosser phase right now too. I’m dumb enough to play along and pick it up every single time at least twice before I catch on!Also, with the matching. Yes. Sometimes my husband matches too, never a proud moment.

  7. Terrye Toombs says:

    LOL! I have a 6 year old and still battling food on the floor. Not because he throws it there, but because he is in such a hurry to get it into his mouth, it goes everywhere; like cookie monster devouring a plate of chocolate chip cookies.Great post! Thanks for the smile.

  8. Pam says:

    @TCM- I try not to react. Like just totally ignore, don’t even mention it and when the meal is over clean it all up, not saying a word. She knows when she is doing something I don’t like and waits for a reaction- like she will do it tentatively then look at me with a sh*t eating grin or giggle to see what I am going to do. So in light of this, I figure it will only make her want to do it more if I get (visibly) annoyed. What do you do? @Kristi- Thanks, I try!

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