My Bucket List

My bucket list includes….
(I feel like I am getting naked a little bit here, but here goes). 
-Get paid to write. There, I said it (again).

-Qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. I know, I know, I would actually have to run another marathon to make this one happen, but my last one was in 2011 and I ran a 3:46 and that was only six minutes away. I know I can do it. I just can’t get all jazzed about marathon training right now because what I’d rather do is…. 

-Have at least one more baby.  Working on this one but having just weaned, I still haven’t gotten my period. As in, haven’t seen it since April 2011. I’m starting to miss the little sucker.

-Get out of the habit of pressing the Snooze button. Dudes, I only pressed it twice this morning. I am writing this before the crack of 7am. Yes I am amazing, thank you.

-Create a reservoir of patience that I will draw on whenever someone (specifically, my husband) annoys me. Not that he is an annoying person. He is a beautiful person, I am just a total b*tch sometimes. Need to start meditating. Seriously, just five minutes a day I think would help me develop this patient mind muscle.

-Visit Australia Totally do-able, but maybe not in this decade. I even have a friend there!

-Stop being the worst backseat driver in the world. I’m actually about to begin treatment for this. (Yes,there is treatment for being the most annoying wife, ever). Seriously, I have issues. I caught them from my patients. Honest to god, my problems began when I started working with people who were permanently disabled and in chronic pain due to auto accidents. I went from to mildly annoying to practically impossible in a few short years, as I became increasingly more terrified of.. I can’t even write it, I’m that anxious and superstitious.

-Visit Florida’s Gulf Coast. This definitely could happen in the next five years.

-Try every sandwich on the menu at Dish. I’m getting closer with every sandwich. I just need to keep pushing. 

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11 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Janine Huldie says:

    So with you on #1 and hope for the same in the future. And even if your period doesn’t return full force, I do believe it is possible to get pregnant, because breast feeding if I am not mistaken throws cycles off completely. So, I hope this does happen for you soon! Thanks for linking up with us again!!

  2. Stephanie Sprenger says:

    Loved it- and yep, cheers to someday getting paid to write, rather than this free cow-milk crap. (Wait, our blogs aren’t crap. Never mind.) And I am hereby sending you bountiful Aunt Flo vibes… 🙂 Love to read your voice after hanging out with you! (OH, I have the cutest pic of you ever. Must text to you now.)

  3. Kate Hall says:

    I’m with you on the first one. That dream seems so distant for me. At the rate I’m going and not pursuing it, something will have to fall in my lap. Time is so minimal. I may need to work out a way to get more time to write and less time to market.

  4. Kristi Campbell says:

    Like the others, ditto on number one. May it happen for all of us! Also, I love that trying every sandwich at Dish is on your list. That’s something I would be able to check off (not that I know what Dish is but I get the idea that they have good sandwiches and that’s enough for me).

  5. Aly says:

    I have so many of these same things on my list! First of all, congrats on only two snoozes — this is the ultimate morning battle and in my eyes, writing a post before 7 is the ULTIMATE win. You win. I’ve been working on the reservoir of patience thing myself… I’m happy to report the other morning I walked out of my apartment to do errands and promptly found out my car wouldn’t start — I didn’t even throw a tantrum. It’s the little things…

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