A Baby on the Way in Boulder

Having a baby is a lot of work, even the second time around. There are months of planning, prepping, getting all the last minute tasks on your to do list crossed off, and then you somehow pull it off and you don’t know how you did it but it turns out to be amazing and beautiful and even better than you imagined.

Yep, it’s that time of year. Joelle and I are co-producing Boulder’s Listen To Your Mother Show. It’s getting real now. We’ve put a call out for auditions and for the next few months this show is our baby. This is what I’m talking about, people…

B:W bowing cropped

Boulder Listen To Your Mother Show 2013, Dairy Center for the Arts. Our awesome cast taking a bow

And you thought I was talking about this….

24 wks Jan 2014

My mantra: I will not go into labor on stage.

What I’m talking about is a Mother’s Day event that celebrates the joy, the pain, and the beauty of motherhood. Listen To Your Mother features live readings by local bloggers, writers, and plain old regular people, sharing their true stories about motherhood. It began in Madison, Wisconsin in 2010, when the creator, Ann Imig, decided that the stories of motherhood being shared online needed to be shared in person, with the communities where they were taking place. From there, a national storytelling phenomenon was born. In 2014, Listen To Your Mother will be in 32 cities across the United States.

I know it’s hard to think about Mother’s Day when half the US is covered in ice. But Boulder needs you to come out from under your layers of Patagucci and audition this month!

Think you don’t have a story to tell? Read this.

Think you have to be a mom to be part of the action? Totes false! Watch this:

 Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 11.19.12 AM

Think you shouldn’t audition because you’re not a blogger? Three quarters of our cast last year did not have a blog.

Think you shouldn’t tell your story because you’re scared to tell it? Then that’s probably the story you need to tell. Watch this:

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 11.19.48 AM

For details about auditions, visit our website.

Boulder, you need to do this. Mother’s Day and warm spring breezes will be here before you know it. I keep telling myself that anyway as I struggle to bend down over my ever-expanding belly to get my Ugg boots on… winter does not last forever and neither does pregnancy. The baby will be here before you know it.

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  1. Amy Mak says:

    I’ve heard of this in Wisconsin! I think it’s so great. I wonder if there is an audition in New Hampshire…I’ve enjoyed poking around your blog. I’m also a mom, blogger, and runner – good to meet you!

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