A Dad Thing

I am so excited that Mamalode has published one of my essays today. In case you’ve never been here before, here’s the backstory: My husband and I have different parenting styles. Here is a little more about that…

My daughter is a few weeks old, lying on her activity mat. My husband gives me a kiss and says, “Have a great day!” and turns toward the door.

“Aren’t you going to say goodbye to the baby?” I know I am pouting and my tone is of the Whiny Baby variety but I can’t help it. I don’t understand how he can just ignore our perfect, tiny baby.

“Oh, right. Goodbye, sweetie!” He crouches down and gives her a quick kiss on the top of her soft, bald head and leaves for work, this time for real.

My husband is a good man and a loving father. But it infuriates me that he neglects to give our daughter a simple goodbye when he leaves and he often fails to greet her when he arrives home. How can he care so little about connecting with our beautiful baby?

My life revolves around her. I am breastfeeding and I will not return to work for another few months. My days are a blur of nursing, burping, diaper changing, and if I’m feeling perky, a load of laundry or a trip to Target. I talk to my mom on the phone a lot. I need to hear the voice of another adult and I need advice. I troll the Babycenter breastfeeding board and I try to find time to pump, in anticipation of someday leaving the house without the baby.

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One thought on “A Dad Thing

  1. Liz says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the second time I have read this piece from you, but I definately got all teary eyed…AGAIN! I am relating to this do much right now…..watching josh bond with H more and more as the months pass is one of my favorite things, makes my heart smile right along with his<3

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