I am Belly #94!

I am Belly #94! This is a good thing, in case you were wondering. I had the opportunity to work with local photographer Joel Peterson, who is doing this awesome project called 100 Bellies in 100 Days. The dilio is, he takes a pic of a pregnant woman’s radiant belly (and they all are), then posts it to his blog along with the story behind the belly. Eventually the images and stories on the blog will be part of a book.

What’s the point of this project? In Joel’s words:

My hope is that every belly and story within this book will personally resonate with another mama out there, and will give her just what she needs in the moment she sees it, whether it be a good laugh, or perhaps the strength to push through a tough time, or situation in her pregnancy.  YOU can personally inspire and empower other mamas out there, and it’s as easy as having your beautiful belly photographed, and sharing your incredible story.  Even if your “Story Behind the Belly” seems pretty normal to you, sharing your story, and your belly can, and will touch other mamas out there who read this book.

I love Joel’s vision for this project, and I could tell, just from the short time we spent together for this my photo shoot,  his commitment to bringing out each woman’s story is from the heart.

I just read somewhere that the same receptors in your brain are active whether you are sharing a story or hearing a story… I wish I could cite that but I can’t. I can’t remember anything anymore because, pregnancy. The point is, stories are really powerful. I know you know this because whether you realize it or not, that’s why you are reading my blog (or any blog) in the first place. We satisfy our souls when we share our stories, whether we are on the giving or receiving end.

That is one of the reasons I am so excited to be co-producing Boulder’s Listen To Your Mother Show for the second year in a row… It is on Mother’s Day and preparations are in full swing. Although I am super busy with that, I am really glad I made time to sneak in as Joel’s 94th belly. I feel so honored to be part of this amazing project.

Here’s my story…

When this picture was taken I was 29 weeks pregnant and my 2 year-old daughter was snuggled up in a blanket on the couch with firm instructions to “Sit still and watch Mommy.” I didn’t want her getting into Joel’s equipment or photo-bombing my belly shot.

Unlike my first pregnancy, in which I was focused intently on the pregnancy itself- to the point where, on any given day, I could tell you exactly how many weeks and how many days along I was- I tend to think of this pregnancy as it relates to my daughter.

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  1. Joel says:

    Thanks for sharing Pam! It was a pleasure working with you, and your story and photo will be an amazing addition to the book!

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