Workout Wednesday: Vol. 1

Welcome to Workout Wednesday! Here’s the deal: Every Wednesday I am going to post an answer to a fitness question. Mostly I will be talking about running, because that is my first love, my current favorite form of exercise, and it is the area of fitness where I have the most experience and knowledge. However, there will definitely be posts where I talk about other topics pertaining to exercise and fitness.

The question I answer might be one a friend has asked me, a question I once had, or a question I still struggle with. If you have a fitness/running question you want answered here, shoot me an email! Nothing would make me happier than hearing from you. If I know the answer to your question I will answer it. If I don’t know the answer, I promise not to give you some bullshit non-answer answer. I hate when people do that. Instead, I will tell you, “I’m sorry but I don’t know.”

So, first things first….

Question: Pam, why in the world do you think you are qualified to answer any questions about running or about fitness in general?

Answer: Good question. In fact, I asked Dan this very question myself just the other day. Here’s the deal. I don’t claim to be a physician, a coach, a guru, or an expert of any kind. I am a person who loves exercising (especially running). I have never been a natural athlete. I was picked last for every team as a kid. But when I discovered I loved to run, I also learned how much I love to train, race, and move toward accomplishing my goals. I have worked hard over many years to become a better athlete.

I have been running for over 20 years. I ran my first marathon in 2001, and since then I have been hooked on endurance sports. I’ve run six marathons, completed two ironman triathlons, participated in several multi-day road cycling tours, and I have competed in countless shorter events over the years. I became certified to teach indoor cycling classes in 2004 and have been teaching on and off ever since then.

Since having my first child in 2012, I have focused on running, due to the unfortunate circumstance of there being only so many hours in a day. I achieved a personal record of 1:44 in the half marathon when my daughter was eight months old.  You can read about my other PR’s here. My long-term goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. First, however, I need to accomplish my short-term goal of establishing a regular sleep pattern for the baby, who is now 7 weeks old.

I love helping people accomplish their fitness goals. I coached a friend to his first half ironman finish and I coached Dan to his first sprint triathlon finish. I also wrote a training plan for what was supposed to be Dan’s best post-college 5k ever (although I beat him in that one, so it turned out be my best 5k ever). I believe that anyone can cross any finish line they set their mind to (barring any real physical limitations, like a bad knee or a bad back).

I’m looking forward to chatting fitness with you over the course of the weekly Workout Wednesday series!

4 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: Vol. 1

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Pam!
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on stretching. It’s my biggest running hangup. Which ones do you find to be the most helpful? Static/Dynamic? Hold time? Before/After?
    When I used to run a LOT (early 20s) – i never stretched and never got injured. In my more ‘elder ‘years now I’d like to ward off injury by stretching but sometimes have found it to do more harm than good.
    What have you found works best for you?

    • Pam says:

      Such a good question, Katie! My understanding is that all the research points to stretching not being especially helpful, and even harmful. You need that tensile strength for muscles to be strong. That said, dynamic stretching, performed after a warm up, before a run, can be quite helpful. For me, I just enjoy stretching b/c it feels good and is relaxing, but I don’t allow time for it. I haven’t noticed a correlation between my stretching and my tendency to get injured or not. This is a good one for me to develop into a full post. Thanks for the idea!

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