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I love to read. I also tend to grossly overestimate what I can accomplish in a specified period of time. This leads to ridiculously long to do lists, including items that are probably not going to be accomplished this month, never mind today, as well as stupidly high stacks of books that I take home from the library.

It starts innocently enough; I go to the library with the girls during story hour and grab the book or two that are waiting for me on the hold shelf. Then my eye wanders over to the Lucky Day shelf and I can’t resist snagging another book or maybe a couple. Before  I know it, I’m poring over my favorite librarian’s section on the Staff Picks shelf and adding just a few more to my pile. I slide them smoothly into the stroller’s mesh cargo container, never realizing just how many titles I’ve amassed until we check out.

Or maybe it happens as it did this week; I got a little overzealous at my laptop one evening, perusing my Goodreads for books I’d been meaning to read, and requesting hold after hold after hold via the library website. Within the space of a week, they were all delivered to the hold shelf at my local branch. How was I to know they’d all be available at once?

My eyes tend to be bigger than… my eyes. That kind of makes no sense but you know what I mean. As an unrealistically optimistic bibliophile, I can dream, can’t I? So here’s what I got this time…

I heart books

I heart books

Labor Day– This is an anthology of birth stories by prominent authors. I actually read all but about five of the stories before I left on a trip earlier this year. I had to give the book back to the library before I left, and I didn’t get to the last few. They were all so rich and beautifully written, with such clear voices, I was staying up late night after night because I had to read “just one more.” I can’t wait to finally finish it. I will probably buy a copy of this one.

Grain Brain– A friend recommended this one. He’s experimenting with a ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat- very Atkins-eque) and loving it. He says his athletic performance is amazing (he’s a long distance triathlete) and his energy level is through the roof. I am unlikely to try this type of diet, but I am intrigued by the theory behind it. If I had to guess, I would say this is the one I am most likely to return before reading.

The Grain Brain Cookbook– I didn’t really mean to ask for this one, but once I requested the hold, I wasn’t sure how to un-request it. And if I love Grain Brain, who knows, I might be into it. That said, there aren’t a whole lot of pictures. And I love food pictures.

The Ship of Brides–  I love JoJo Moyes. I devoured  “Me Before You,” a heartbreaking love story, this fall. I am in the middle of “One Plus One” right now, also by Moyes, and it is keeping me up well past my bedtime. The characters are lovable and believable, and she creates the kind of tension that gives you no choice but to keep reading.

Happier at Home– I read “The Happiness Project” by the same author last year and I enjoyed it, but it was a bit overwhelming to read about the all the different approaches the author, Gretchen Rubin, took to improving her life and becoming more happy. I like the idea of delving into one very specific area of happiness. I like Rubin’s no-bullshit style as well as her sense of humor. And I could stand to be happier at home. I’m looking forward to this one.

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems– I think the title says it all. This might be the one book on baby sleep I have yet to read. Probably I will skim it and then do whatever I feel like anyway.

The Husband’s Secret– I read “Big Little Lies” by the same author, Lianne Moriarty it totally sucked me in. Despite dealing with heavy subject matter in that one, Moriarty had a wicked sense of humor. I have great expectations for this one.

The One Thing– I feel like I keep hearing about this one and how life changing it is. I need to know what all the fuss is about it. It’s by Gary Keller, of Keller Williams, the big real estate company. He’s going to tell me how I can acheive my goals and maintain my focus in the face of all the distractions of modern life. At least that’s my understanding, based on the back cover and all the hype. I’ll let you know.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? (No spoilers, please!) What are you reading right now?

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  1. Julia says:

    Oh, how I love books! You do it the good-old-fashioned way at the library! I’m impressed! My kids are wild animals at the library, so I can never ever manage to look around for myself. So, like it or not, I’m a big Kindle user. I have read The Husbands Secret and Happier at Home– no spoilers, don’t worry :). I love Liane Moriarty, and that book was great. I also enjoyed Happier at Home, but I actually preferred her first book on happiness a bit more. I try to re-read it once a year. Keep us posted on which you read and which you like!

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